About Me

In years past I was a singer, a small business person, a teacher, trainer, instructional designer, healer, knitter, spinner, fabric artist, yoga practitioner, Zazen sitter, and breadwinner. After years of struggling to simply get up in the morning, I finally found out I was infected with neuroborreliosis, or Lyme Disease and three other tick-borne-diseases (ain’t life full of surprises!).

So. Instead of being in the middle of a successful career as a writer and corporate trainer, I have been disabled for the past six years, very ill for for over twice that long, and three Lyme docs think I’ve been dealing with tick-borne illness for most of my life (that’s about 40 years if I was first infected during my teens).

Which, as a friend receently pointed out, is a good way for the Universe to kick me in the teeth, since I didn’t listen to the Universe’s earlier polite suggestions that IT’S NOW TIME TO LIVE A CREATIVE LIFE.

I say: Okay.