Agreement Ministeriel

Directorate of Youth, Popular Education and Associative Life of the Ministry of Youth for applications for national recognition of associations of youth education activities and/or popular education, etc. Approval is granted by the State or by one of its public bodies. It marks the recognition of the commitment of an association in a given field. To benefit from it, associations must comply with three general conditions and, where appropriate, other conditions for each approval. The authorisation may be withdrawn if a condition necessary for its issue is no longer fulfilled. The regular renewal of directors or directors and the annual activity report are subject to the approval of the general meeting. The documents necessary to inform them shall be sent to them in accordance with the conditions laid down in the statutes or the rules of procedure: compliance with rules guaranteeing financial transparency. The approval decision shall be taken by the competent managing authority in accordance with the relevant approval. The granting of each authorisation may also be subject to other specific conditions. The association, which is not required to publish its annual accounts, must also present its approved annual accounts for the last financial year closed.

This is the case for associations whose donations and/or subsidies are less than €153,000. Any association (law 1901 or Association d`Alsace-Moselle) that requests an authorization must meet the following 3 conditions: the managing authority that issued the approval may cancel it if a condition necessary for its issuance is no longer met. The following clubs are automatically considered to meet these 3 conditions: It also contains the supporting documents of the declaration of changes in the statutes, direction or management of the association. Bureau of Education, Culture and Sports of the Directorate-General for Education of the Ministry of Education for applications for national recognition of educational organisations Current members of their functions (including their contributions) are entitled to effective participation in the General Assembly and to the right to vote Information provided to justify that the association fulfils the three conditions (object of general interest Ral, democratic functioning, financial transparency) are fair and sincere To meet an object of general interest, the association must meet the following conditions: the application file includes the activity reports of the last financial year closed. The association establishes an annual budget and annual accounts or, where appropriate, accounts that justify disinterested management and do not pursue any intention of profit These documents are submitted to the approval of the General Assembly The legal representative of the association issues an honorary certificate to certify the following information: The annual budget, the annual accounts or the annual accounts, Members under the conditions laid down in their statutes The approved association has different advantages depending on the approval: the possibility of applying for public subsidies, tax advantages, the right to the exercise of certain activities, etc. .

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