Apple Repair Agreement

1.1 Services. For service orders, Apple will wait for your Apple product as described for the estimated fee indicated, unless these charges are changed with your prior oral or written consent. Apple will offer repair or replacement services to address a lack of materials or processing of a product, unless otherwise stated. The service is not available for problems caused by failure or incompatibility with the software or data that is on your product or that is stored. Apple can install system software updates as part of the service that prevents your Apple product from going back on an earlier version of the system software. Third-party apps installed on your Apple product may not be compatible or work with your Apple product due to the system software update. 4. If you repair your product as part of your product warranty or a renewed service contract, Apple may use new, used or obsolete parts, if conditions permit. When repairing parts outside the warranty or renewed service contract, Apple may use new, used or obsolete parts. Apple keeps the replaced part, which is exchanged under repair service, as property, and the spare part becomes your property. Replaced parts are usually repairable and are replaced or repaired by Apple. If apple returns a replaced party to you under current legislation, you agree to pay Apple the additional costs associated with the replacement item.

12. You accept and understand that it is necessary for Apple to collect, process and use your data in order to meet service and support obligations in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Apple protects your information in accordance with Apple`s privacy policy that is available in the URL If you want access to the information Apple contains about you or if you want to make changes, use the WWW.APPLE.COM/CONTACT/MYINFO URL to update your personal contact settings. For the purposes of this agreement, the Apple unit is shown in the table below and depends on where you reside: B Direct Mail-In Service. If Apple discovers that your product is licensed for the Direct Mail-In service, you send your product to Apple`s repair site, as instructed by Apple. Apple can provide prepaid calculations (and if you no longer have the original packaging, Apple can send you packaging materials). If Apple does not provide prepaid invoices or packaging, you must send and package your product to Apple`s repair location, as described at the time of order, and consider insuring your package in case of damage or loss during shipping. Once the service is complete, the location of the Apple repair service returns the repaired product or provides you with a replacement product.

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