Australia Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement Full Text

2 Technical barriers to trade include technical rules, standards and compliance assessment procedures that may have a direct or indirect impact on merchandise trade. Full text of the chapter on intellectual property: more information, including the text of A-HKFTA, is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The agreements are comprehensive and the quality commitments they have made, which include trade in goods, trade in services, investment, public procurement, intellectual property, competition, the dispute settlement mechanism and other related areas. They will provide Hong Kong traders and investors with legal certainty and more favourable access to the Australian market, while providing more business opportunities and improving trade and investment flows between Hong Kong and Australia. This free trade agreement will open a new chapter in australia-Hong Kong economic relations. The trade agreement gives Australian companies more security for business and investment activities in Hong Kong. It also reaffirms the importance Australia attaches to Hong Kong`s high degree of autonomy through the “One Country, Two Systems” framework. Full texts of chapters and annexes to merchandise trade: Australia is a valuable trading partner of Hong Kong. It was ours 7. the largest trading service partner in 2018, with total services trade between the two parties of HK 47 billion and our 20th largest merchandise trading partner in 2019, with a total of HK 50 billion. Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for full information on A-HKFTA. At the end of 2018, Australia ranked 8th among direct investments in Hong Kong, with a portfolio of HK 119 billion, and 16th among Hong Kong`s foreign direct investment with a stock of HK 39 billion.

Hong Kong and Australia began negotiations in May 2017 for a free trade agreement and an investment agreement. Negotiations ended in November 2018. Both agreements were signed on March 26, 2019. . 3 Health and plant health measures are all measures applied to protect human life or human or animal health or health from the risks associated with additives, contaminants, toxins or pathogens present in their food; (ii) protect human life or health from diseases or pests carried by plants or animals; (iii) protect the life or health of animals or plants from pests, diseases, pathogens or pathogens; or (iv) to prevent or limit other damage caused by the intrusion, establishment or spread of pests.

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