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Another Silly Sketch

A recent drawing I did from a Blob Thursday  offering on Carla Sonheim’s blog. Pencil on top of an archival ink print.

Thank you, Art Crawlers!

The Fall 2011 Art Crawl was a complete success. I had fun, met more new people than I can keep track of, and several of my pieces found new homes. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, including family and friends.

“Saint Rat” was the first piece I sold. One of my favorite silly pieces. 🙂

Last Art Camp Starts Today!

Carla Sonheim has developed Silly U, from which she teaches Online Summer Art Camps for the professional and novice of all ages. Which ya gotta love.

Today I start her Junk Mail Artist’s Book, which goes well with other Art I love. Namely reusing and recycling materials from ’round the  house to make art. So, whee! Here I go!

Art Camp with Carla Sonheim

This shows my most recent blog entries. I am fascinating, and you will want to subscribe right away! Here’s Some of my most recent work from Carla Sonheim’s so very clever Online Art Camps.

Day 1 Exercise - watercolor and pencil.

Day 1 Exercise - watercolor and pencil.