Defense Exchange Agreement

These lines, networks and cable systems can be integrated by mutual agreement into the lines of the Spanish Armed Forces. A. Spain: (1) Direction of the Joint Committee in accordance with Article 35 of this Agreement. 2. Provide the necessary personnel and equipment to handle U.S. products in the system. 3. Maintenance of the ROTAZA gas pipeline in accordance with NATO STANAG 3609. 4.

Ensure that the terminal and pumping stations are operated and maintained in accordance with Spanish safety and environmental standards. 5. Ensure that fuel received, stored and shipped via ROTAZA meets NATO requirements for STANAG 3747. (6) reimburse the United States for fuel losses exceeding the limits set out in Section X of this Annex due to contamination, breakdown or accident not attributable to war or force majeure. 7. Assume responsibility for any liability to third parties as a result of pollution. (8) maintenance of the pipeline and all diversion facilities to provide the minimum flow rates for F-34/F-35 in accordance with Section VI(G) of this Annex. 9. Perform quality control and inspection functions in accordance with NATO standards. 10. Maintain responsibility for fuel inventory and provide inventory reports to Desc if necessary.

and (11) the establishment and maintenance of an inspection system acceptable to Desc. Records of all inspections conducted are provided to Desc upon request. The inspection plan is approved by the members of the Technical Inspection Corps of the Ministry of Defense and DESC for the ROTAZA gas pipeline. Inspections must be carried out in accordance with STANAG 3609. 12. DesC shall have the right to audit the services provided in accordance with this Annex 5. 13. Determine the operating, maintenance, relocation and project costs for operating rotaza pipelines and create an annual budget.

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