Diablo Valley College Articulation Agreement

To print these agreements accurately, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat. These agreements can be consulted either by department or by main subject. Students often find MAJOR agreements the most useful. CATEMA – Career and Technical Education Management Application is an online software that is used to lend to students through articulation. DVC has articulation agreements with several higher education institutions and public universities that are presented here: articulation agreements create sequences of progressive and unduplicated training that lead to technical skills, proof, certificate and/or degree in a large number of fields and careers. Such agreements include “Credit by Examination,” so students can earn university credits for rigorous course work that serves at the high school level (as advanced placement classes for carelier`s education). Thanks to the “Credit by Examination” process, college students can be considered for articulated courses. Students receive the grade they have earned on the “Credit by Examination” for their university transcript.

The process of articulation of care (CE) is described here in more detail: the process of developing articulation agreements is a collaboration between the DVC College faculty and secondary teachers. A secondary benefit of this collaborative process is that it improves communication between secondary and post-secondary faculties in similar technical career programs and between sites. If you are interested in a joint contract with DVC, please fill out our joint request form. The trajectory sketch of the recording. The university`s “official” course outline, approved by the College Curriculum Committee, for the class that is articulated. A teacher`s program is not the course description of the recording. Assist is the official repository of articulation agreements for public colleges and universities in California. Articulation agreements are formal agreements between educational institutions.

In California, community colleges and four-year colleges have set up ways for students to see how their courses are considered in graduation requirements at the local university and transfer institution. High School/Regional Occupational Program (ROP) Artikulation is a process that distinguishes the curriculum and teaching in order to enable a smooth transition between high school, community college and college/university in a career path. Use the resources to determine which transfer facilities meet your transfer criterion….

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