Personnel Secondment Agreement Deutsch

Detachment is the temporary transfer of a member of one organization to another organization. Results: 26. Exactly: 26. Processing time: 67 ms. Translating the text of each application or website into a single click Secondly, sometimes also called The Disk Employer (EoR) or Professional Organization (PEO), can also be used to help organizations hire for part of the staff. Currently, some companies use it as a solution to open new markets and avoid the costs of opening up their own entity. [Citation required] The term is used mainly in British English, but it is also widely used in international organizations. For example, statisticians from the National Statistics Service can be assigned to the charity Full Fact to check the statistics presented in political campaigns and in the media. [5] In the army, an exchange officer is an officer of the armed forces of a country who is temporarily seconded either to a unit of the armed forces of another country or to another branch of the armed forces of his own country. [6] [7].

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