Rsa Security License Agreement

In one of its main applications, RSA Security`s SecurID authentication technology was developed to ensure that only authorized users have access to KPMG`s new advanced global knowledge management system, KWorld. A state-of-the-art platform for online messaging, collaboration and knowledge sharing, KWorld is the product and catalyst for KPMG`s globalization strategy and has been designed to use each employee`s intellectual capital to enable practitioners to better serve the company`s customers locally and globally. About RSA Security RSA Security, the most trusted name in e-Security, helps organizations create safe and reliable bases for e-businesses by creating RSA SecurID two-factor authentication, RSA BSAFE encryption and RSA Keon management systems for public keys. As a global integration of Security Dynamics and RSA Data Security, RSA Security has proven management quality, innovative technology and system experience to meet evolving e-business security requirements and build confidence in the new online economy. RSA Security joins you at RSA volume license orders are first checked by a Provantage license specialist to verify completeness and authorization. Eligible orders are then processed by one of RSA`s authorized distributors. Please note that distributors need several days to process certain license orders. Phil Hartridge Technology Integration Manager at KPMG`s Johannesburg, South Africa office, commented on the global agreement: “This agreement has finally brought RSA SecurID authentication to reach our reach. Now we can give users the certainty they asked for: that their data is only accessible to authorized users. We immediately set up an ace/server and have already started supplying Keyfobs to our 2,000 South African users. We are delighted to be able to launch such a technologically advanced authentication solution that paves the way for our long-term connection with KWorld next year.

“This agreement builds on the excellent relationships we have built with many of KPMG`s regional subsidiaries to forge a single global business standard for two-factor authentication at KPMG,” said Scott Schnell, senior vice president of marketing at RSA Security. The agreement allows KPMG to use RSA ACE/Server software on an unlimited number of users on any number of servers worldwide as part of KPMG`s globalization. It provides each remote KPMG user with a new RSA SecurID keychain and sets out a renewal and automatic transmission process for all tokens already provided. In addition, KPMG has signed a maintenance contract for the Premium Assistance Program, which includes a special RSA security support team, which conducts planned on-site visits to strengthen KPMG`s development and training efforts. Under the agreement, KPMG authorized the ACE/Server software and will provide RSA SecurID keys to all employees worldwide to protect KPMG`s global network and all operating systems. In addition, the agreement will conclude an alliance between the two companies to cooperate on future technologies and the direction to be followed. “When we decided to create a unique, dynamic and universally accessible knowledge environment, we also knew that we needed to provide the best security so that only authorized users had access to our system,” said Charles White, Global CIO at KPMG.

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