Shogun 2 Cancel Trade Agreement

For a land agreement to work, you must have a direct line of territories from the person to your capital. Suppose you are deceased and want to trade with Uesugi. Ok, no problem, I have the four territories in between. Wait, Sado has invaded one of my countries. This will have an effective effect on the trade agreement, unless you have a port. If you are not able to take all the commercial positions first – unless you play Shimazu / Mori / Chosokabe – immediately prepare for an acquisition. They actually buy a commercial node, and the price is usually between 1000 and 20000 koku and an easy relationship with the previous owner. What if the owner was an ally? Bad luck – attacking a despicable will have an impact on diplomacy with everyone and will make maintaining these trade agreements much more difficult with all. Think carefully – personally, I would ask you why you allied with them, but some clans start with allies, so even the best player can find themselves in this situation. Attacking is rarely wise in this case – what we fear here is not the payment for peace, but the relationship with all others. Beastmen, Greenskin and Warriors of Chaos factions cannot act. Commercial nodes are on a first-come basis.

As trading in Shogun 2 is a very powerful source of income, taking the nodes is something that every player should do, no matter what. In fact, a simple measure of players` abilities could be how quickly they finish their trading port, make their first merchant ship, and close their first trading post compared to the best possible speed for their clan. Koku is sparse at the beginning of the game, and trading ports and ships, while expensive, should be the top priority. If your port is not yet able to produce merchant ships and you finish the train without an upgrade in the queue, make one of the two biggest strategic mistakes in the early game. I fought a clan for 10 rounds, until he cried uncle and wanted a peace treaty. So I gave it to him, unconditionally. He came back 2 rounds later and asked her for a trade deal which he reluctantly accepted. For my part, two long-standing trading partners have denounced our pacts for no reason. This game can drive you crazy after a while.

As in previous Total War games, the trade routes of enemy nations can be attacked for money. The amount of money earned depends on the number of ships invading the route and the value of the trade using the route; If you move the cursor over the route, the quantity of each of them will be displayed. The amount earned is usually not large, but it is the most useful way to occupy otherwise unused vessels and can help offset their maintenance costs somewhat. Trade remains with Napoleon: Total War is largely unchanged. There is no commercial theater, but commercial nodes line the borders of the world map.

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