Special Agreement Check (Sac) Form

Users of e-QIP agencies access e-QIP through the NP2 Secure portal, while those who need to complete their surveys access e-QIP through the NBIB. OPM.gov website. The Personnel Security and Identification Office (PSIO) receives the security forms completed by e-QIP and verifies the accuracy and completeness of the forms. Upon approval, security forms are sent to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for investigation processing. The SOI or SON can obtain the following information on the FIPC telephone line: (724) 794-5228. Please have the information you need to check when calling the phone line. If an agency has access to the Central Verification System (CVS), the following information can also be obtained electronically. For more information on electronic access to CVS, see Section 3.0 on the Personal Investigation Processing System (PIPS). The right position name is the basis of an effective and consistent personnel ability and safety program. The process determines, by assessing national safety and adequacy requirements, the type of investigation required and the depth of control of an individual`s position. In order to ensure a systematic, reliable and consistent method for determining position designations, OPM provides the PDS position (PDS) and the Designation Automated Tool (PDT) position for people within the position designation agencies. The PDT is an interactive tool on the OPM website.

Each security office is required to provide the NBIB with an official postal address, contact information and an approved list of staff members authorized to request information about agency business under development. The OSI should update this list on a regular basis. Authorized staff are the only person who can receive information over the phone. Contact the telephone line at (724) 794-5228 or visit the NBIB website for the PIPS 11 form needed to obtain an OSI and update THE contact information for SOI. When submitting investigation requests to NBIB, the SOI can also be used in the SON block of the standard form if SOI and SON are the same office. OPIS provides NBIB with the image and document management functions needed to electronically capture, store, retrieve and verify investigative documents in a new paperless environment. OPIS also offers the ability to share these images electronically with other federal investigating authorities via eDelivery (electronic delivery – formerly known as agency distribution). eDelivery replaces the traditional method of sending a paper version of the study file supplemented by secure electronic distribution through an automated process.

For more information about eDelivery, call your Liaison agency at 724-794-5612. Update/Degrad/Case Service change requirements are only for ongoing reviews (closed applications cannot be updated or downgraded).

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