Toyota Canada Lease Agreement

When it comes to Toyota`s longevity, don`t just take our word for it. The Automotive Lease Guide awarded its highest distinction, the best residual value, to four Toyota vehicles. Since Toyotas are still worth as much at the end of your lease, your payments will be lower (since your payments will only cover the value the car loses between the purchase and the rental return). How a lease works, the residual value of a vehicle is determined at the time of your lease. For example, a $30,000 vehicle that has been leased for three years with a residual value of $14,000 means you only pay $16,000 over three years. If the rest is $20,000, it means you only pay $10,000 over three years (i.e. lower monthly payments) – The good news is that you have several options to end your lease prematurely. Although the premature end of your lease makes no financial sense, we will all find ourselves in different life situations that require big changes, and it`s good to know your options. Here are some options that you can get out of your early leasing vehicle. The need to terminate your lease prematurely may seem complicated, but with the right information and careful planning, you can choose the option that is best for you. And as a Georgetown Toyota customer, you have a team of financial experts ready to answer any questions you have, and help you in any way possible to make the best decision about your car rental. You are responsible for the damage/wear of the vehicle and all mileage overruns provided in your agreement, unless you have acquired a protection plan at the beginning of your lease.

Your original dealer is the dealer where you accepted the lease. This dealer can help you choose your next Toyota and turn on your current lease. Not all leasing companies are allowed to trade in other provinces. You may either have to return your lease and settle your lease or let someone take over your lease. You can rent a vehicle for only 12 months and up to 60 months, depending on need and budget. Please note that our telecommunications operator currently has a higher call volume than the normal call volume. Therefore, if you call our green number, there may be longer wait times and even dropped calls. We ask you to carry with us. Your call is important. We are full and we support you here. If you don`t make the first time, we advise you to try again.

We allow you to exchange your rental contract for a new or used vehicle. We also offer lease renewals, or you can buy your lease. You are only responsible for damage or wear of the vehicle, plus mileage overruns, unless you have used one of our protection packages at the time of signing your lease. Ask your product advisor or financial services manager for more information. Please contact your product advisor for more information on how Toyota leases work. You can choose a “low kilometer” lease of 20,000 km per year. The buyout at the time of the lease term is adjusted at the time of the lease, which reduces your payment mid-month or monthly. If you drive much more than the standard allowance or the low-km option, financing may be a better option for you. 2The fees may vary depending on the terms of your lease, whether optional protection plans have been acquired and that this coverage is valid.

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